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GX75 and GX90

SUGA weather meters for reliable tests according to ISO, ASTM and JIS.


  • 7,5 kW long arc xenon lamp, water-cooled
  • Lamp life time approx. 2500 hours
  • Specimen holder for 63 specimen with a size of 150 x 70 x 1 mm

Market introduction: GX90

  • 9 kW long arc xenon lamp, water-cooled
  • Lamp life time approx. 3000 hours
  • Specimen holder for 126 specimen with a size of 150 x 70 x 1 mm
Further Product Information

The ageing process can be accelerated and reproduced in a laboratory by exposing materials to artificial weathering. The material samples rotate around a Xenon light source and are also sprayed with water in a climate-controlled test chamber.

The weather meters from SUGA Test Instruments offer a highly convenient specimen holders, easy calibration, intuitive operation and a high level reproducibility of tests. Climates, day/night cycles and rain conditions can be set according to a wide range of international and industry standards.

All international norms and standards for the automotive, plastic, textile and building materials industry as well as the paint and varnish sector are stored in the test protocols (ISO, ASTM, JIS and industry-specific standards).

Information upon other Suga Weather Meters, e. g. with higher performance or larger test area can be found in Suga's General catalogue.

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