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Our Team

ThermoTEC is more than just technology!

Technical devices may be sophisticated and made of materials with high quality and reliability. But you will always need a well-developed, regularly trained and motivated team to take care of technical consulting, modifications, sales, order processing and after sales service. People who are passionate about the topic and who love their job.


That is us – your ThermoTEC team!

Karl-Heinz Habich

Company founder
Karl-Heinz Habich
1955 to 2016

ThermoTEC General Management

Petra Habich, Fabian Habich, Julia Habich

ThermoTEC General Manager Jörn Linnenkohl

General Manager /
Commercial Director

Jörn Linnenkohl

ThermoTEC Authorized Officer Dirk Bauer

Authorized Officer /
Product Manager
Pharma + Botanik
Dirk Bauer

ThermoTEC Authorized Officer Arnd Böcher

Authorized Officer /
Product Manager ESPEC
Arnd Böcher

ThermoTEC Sales Manager Florian Häusel

Head of Sales
Florian Häusel

ThermoTEC Sales Team

Sales Team
Christina Zech, Christian Schmidt, Sabrina Nitz, Stefan Erbe,
Emilia Völpel, Manuela Becker

ThermoTEC Sales Eastern Europe Zoltan Belak

Sales Eastern Europe
Zoltan Belak

ThermoTEC Project Manager Mario Erle

Project Manager
Mario Erle


Project Team
Christina Hohmann, Anika Reichert, David Kremer

ThermoTEC Head of Service Marco Rühl

Head of Service
Marco Rühl

ThermoTEC Team Service Coordination

Team Service Coordination
Maike Loch, Daniela Heinrichs,
Ulrike Schönwetter, Isabelle Dobert

ThermoTEC Team Service Support

Team Service Support
Daniel Wallner, Benjamin Jung, David Kremer

ThermoTEC Team Administration

Team Administration
Katja Jung, Sonja Herrlein, Jana Quabius, Christopher Hermann,
Carina Häusel, Gabriele Krieger, Kaja Theis

ThermoTEC Team Calibration Lab

Team Calibration Laboratory
Dirk Hermann, Ralf Berghof

ThermoTEC Team Workshop

Team Workshop
Uwe Jäger, David Petermann, Natascha Russ, Thomas Theiß, Tim Eisel

ThermoTEC Refrigeration and Service Engineers

ThermoTEC Refrigeration and Service Engineers


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