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ESPEC E-series walk-in temperature Chambers and climate chambers offer maximum energy efficiency, thanks to the new precision refrigeration system and patented control.

  • Stainless steel chamber volume
  • Microprocessor control, type N instrumentation
  • Network-compatible through LAN or Wi-Fi connection, no programs or software required
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Heated viewing window (180 x 289 mm)
  • LED chamber lighting
  • Overheat protection and alarm
  • Undertemperature protection and alarm
  • 1 Cable port Ø 50 mm
Further Product Information

The ESPEC E series walk-in temperature chambers and climate chambers reduce energy requirements by over 50% (compared to previous series) thanks to an innovative precision refrigerant system and a patented control.

The chambers are available in eight sizes with chamber volumes of 4.2 m³ up to 52.7 m³ and are factory-equipped with a temperature range of -40 to +80°C. You can also order an extended temperature range. The humidity range is between 10% and 95% relative humidity.

The isolation chambers are provided in sandwich elements and installed on-site.

The user-friendly standard equipment includes a modern program control equipped with a touch panel, various cable ports, test object protection and door windows.

Are you looking for a walk-in climate chamber, refrigerator or freezer cells or an incubation chamber for applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry? For more information, see Walk-in chambers in the stability testing product group.

Walk-in temperature chambers

Type Temperature range
EBF -40 to +80 / +120 °C
EBU -30 to +80 / +120 °C
EBUU -10 to +80 / + 120 °C


Walk-in climate chambers

Type Temperature range Humidity range
EBE -40 to +80 / +120 °C 10 to 95 % r. h.
EBL -30 to +80 / +120 °C 10 to 95 % r. h.
EBR -10 to +80 / +120 °C 20 to 95 % r. h.



Type Inside dimensions
W x H x D in mm
1 1020 x 2100 x 1970 4,2 m3
2 1970 x 2100 x 1970 8,1 m3
3 3020 x 2100 x 1970 12,5 m3
4 4070 x 2100 x 1970 16,8 m3
6 4070 x 2100 x 3020 25,8 m3
8 4070 x 2100 x 4070 34,8 m3
10 5120 x 2100 x 4070 43,8 m3
12 6170 x 2100 x 4070 52,7 m3
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