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Burn-in systems

ESPEC burn-in systems: A reliable component of quality assurance in the back-end of semiconductor manufacturing.

Further Product Information

The burn-in systems from ESPEC are used in the back-end of semiconductor manufacturing for quality assurance. The devices are characterized by a high level of heat compensation with balanced homogeneous temperature distribution at the same time. The homogeneous temperature distribution with a narrow tolerance range is an essential criterion for detecting early failures of components.

Users can select between various sizes and temperatures as well as manual and semi-automatic loading systems.

High maintainability and the associated minimum downtime allow for optimum use in the production-related quality assurance process.
The systems are designed both dynamic and static burn-in procedures. The integrated function generator enables the control of various semiconductor components: DRAM, SRAM, RAM, LSI, EPROM, mask ROM, Flash Memory, MPU ASIC and Gate Arrays.

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