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Efficient scanning technology combined with an automated measuring system ensures precision results: The ESPEC AMI-system.

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The ESPEC AMI system measures the change of the insulation resistance of samples based on dendritic growth and ion migration. The measurement is performed on the surface (SIR) or in the intermediate layer (CAF).

The AMI-system can specify test profiles with individual stress and measuring voltages currently ranging between 100 V and 1,000 V. The documentation and analysis is performed via dedicated software, which is installed on a high-quality PC system and combined with a multiplexer.

The basic equipment allows users to monitor 25 channels. It can be expanded up to 150 channels as required. The system continuously measures in a range between 2 x 103 and 1013 ohms with an extremely high degree of precision. The leakage current measurement can be used as an additional measuring unit, allowing users to detect dendritic growth at an early stage and react according to their own specifications.

The AMI system can be combined with one or more climate test chambers and synchronously controlled with the test profile using the system software.

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