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TCS-series compact, high-performance climate chambers for stability tests according to the ICH guideline with high temperature and humidity accuracy. Durable, energy-efficient and reliable.

  • High spatial and temporal temperature and humidity accuracy
  • New controller with 7″ touch-screen for constant mode and program mode
  • Low noise levels
  • Saves energy and water
  • Small support grid for maximum flexibility in designing the test chamber
  • Easy to maintain
Further Product Information

TCS-series climate chambers are specially designed for storage and stability tests in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The reliable test chambers with a test area and housing made of stainless steel are easy to clean thanks to the smooth surfaces and rounded corners. And thanks to the high test areas, they offer a high volume with a low footprint.

The use of separate cooling and dehumidification registers along with ultrasonic humidifiers enables precision control and excellent energy efficiency.

The robust and low-maintenance test chambers offer proven performance and satisfy the requirements of the ICH guideline as well as the requirements of GMP.

The new controller with 7" colour touch-screen is excellent for intuitive operation and is capable to run the chamber in constant or program mode. Number of programs and program steps is unlimited.

If you require a larger chamber volume, we offer custom-designed climate chambers. The LH/LU series along with the Memmert HPP-series are available for stability tests with smaller chamber volumes.

Climate chambers


Type  Inside
Temperature range Humidity range Inside dimensions
W x H x D in mm
Outside dimensions
W x H x D in mm
TCS-202 210 l 0 to +50°C 20 to 95% r. h. 610 x 600 x 585 730 x 1180 x 980
TCS-352 350 l 610 x 990 x 585 730 x 1600 x 980
TCS-502 530 l 610 x 1500 x 585 730 x 2105 x 980
TCS-852 850 l 0 to +50°C 30 to 95% r. h. 610 x 1500 x 935 730 x 2105 x 1330
TCS-1002 1060 l 0 to +50°C 20 to 95% r. h. 610 (2x) x 1500 x 585 1460 x 2105 x 980
TCS-1702 1700 l 0 to +50°C 30 to 95% r. h. 610 (2x) x 1500 x 935 1460 x 2105 x 1330

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