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Monitoring system Yokogawa DX

Monitoring system for recording data in real-time with highest level of security.

Further Product Information

The Yokogawa DAQstation DX1000/2000 display the recorded measured data in real-time on a colour LC display and stores it on a CompactFlash memory card.

The data station is available with 4, 8, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 48 channels. The DX series with the AS1 (advanced security function) option was especially designed for applications in the pharmaceutical industry and meets the requirements according to §21 CFR Part 11.

Measured data, configuration data and operating protocols are stored in a single encrypted binary file with a high level of security. Encrypted data in binary format has a high level of security, since it generally cannot be opened in text editors.

The DX series has a network interface for direct connection to the Ethernet. It also provides a wide range of display functions, which users can use to implement the ideal monitoring environment for their application. The integrated DAQSTANDARD software corresponds to the current state of the §21 CFR Part 11 standard and provides configuration, viewing, audit trail and electronic signature functions. All previous DAQSTATION models, including DX-P are also supported.

For less complex data acquisition applications, we recommend data Loggers from Rotronic.

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