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Walk-in cold-storage rooms and freezers

Modular walk-in cold-storage rooms and freezers as well as incubators for stability tests according to the ICH guideline and GMP.

  • Standard temperature range +2 to +8°C or -15 to -25°C for refrigerators and freezers and +20 to +40°C for incubators
  • No defrosting is necessary thanks to the big evaporator surface within the cold-storage rooms
  • White powder-coated or stainless steel interior walls
  • Design with air-cooled refrigeration unit for outdoor installation available
  • Alarm and limit value violation of temperature forwarding to building control system
  • Test object temperature protection
  • Refrigeration technology and control and regulation technology can be designed redundantly.
  • Aluminium or stainless steel standing shelf as well as mobile rack systems available
  • LED lamps
Further Product Information

ThermoTEC walk-in cold storage rooms, walk-in freezers and walk-in incubators were designed specifically for stability tests according to GMP. They are suitable for storage for all current climates laid down by the ICH guideline (Q1A).

Thanks to the modular design, the size of the walk-in chambers can be individually adapted to the local conditions.

To achieve excellent homogeneous temperature distribution within the chamber, the walk-in chambers are cooled with ceiling-mounted circulating air consoles.

In addition to the technical design as a refrigerator or freezer, we also design the walk-in chambers as incubators for e.g. +22.5 or +32.5°C.

The walk-in chambers are controlled and the temperature is regulated using a Siemens S7-1200 unit. A colour touch panel displays actual values, setpoints, alarms and system parameters, which can be changed as required.

We would be glad to provide you with an individual offer. Please send us your request.

As an alternative to the walk-in chambers, we also offer for larger storage volumes, which can also be designed as refrigerators and freezers or incubators.