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Hettich Benelux PRC 600 WL

Energy-efficient LED climate chamber Hettich Benelux PRC 600 WL featuring a wide temperature range for state-of-the-art plant cultivation, insect breeding and seed germination

  • LED lighting from the top with a luminous intensity of 200, 400 or 1100 µmol, dimmable between 10 % and 100 %
  • Reproducible results thanks to programmable humidity and light control with touch-screen
  • Horizontal airflow combined with very low air velocity avoids drying of nutrient media
  • Controllable fresh air supply installed in back panel of chamber
  • Also available without humidity control as LED temperature chamber
Further Product Information

Thanks to energy-saving LED technology the Hettich Benelux PRC 600 WL LED climate chamber is impressing energy efficient. As the LEDs assure 100 % homogeneous light at 5 cm below the light source, it reaches 99.9 % light coverage of the work area. This high light homogeneity without ‘dark corners’ allows a layer cultivation in plant cultivation (in vivo and in vitro procedures), seed germination as well as insect breeding.

The wide temperature range from +4 to +45 °C allows all standard tests in the field of plant cultivation and insect breeding.

If you are looking for a compact chamber with bigger growth area, take a look at the Hettich Benelux PRC 1200 WL.

LED climate chamber PRC 600 WL


Type  Inside
(growth area)
Temperature range Humidity range Inside dimensions
(effective area)

W x H x D in mm
Outside dimensions
W x H x D in mm
PRC 600 WL 500 l
(0,9 m² with 3 levels)
+4 to +45 °C
(lights off)
+10 to +45 °C
(lights on)
ambient humidity
to 90 % r. h. depending
on temperature
and light intensity
530 x 1450 x 600 710 x 2025 x 980

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