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Hettich Benelux PRC 1700 WL

Plant growth chamber Hettich Benelux PRC 1700 WL with double door and a wide temperature range for state-of-the-art plant cultivation and seed germination

  • Simple and seamless loading process thanks to double doors without crossbar
  • Optimal growth area / footprint ratio
  • Maximum growth height of 49 cm when 3 light platforms are installed resp. 160 cm with one light platform (e. g. for cultivating corn)
  • LED lighting from the top, luminous intensity of 200, 400 or 1100 µmol, dimmable between 10 % and 100 %
  • No drying of nutrient media because of horizontal airflow combined with very low air velocity
Further Product Information

With a wide temperature range from +4 to +45 °C the Hettich Benelux PRC 1700 WL plant growth chamber allows to realize all standard tests in the field of plant cultivation. It is suitable for plant cultivation (in vivo and in vitro procedures) as well as seed germination.

Thanks to the double door without crossbar the plant growth chamber can easily be loaded. Each shelf offers a growth area of 0.8 m² which results in a very large growth area with only small footprint.

The standard illumination system with energy-saving LEDs assure 100 % homogeneous light at 5 cm below the light source and a 99.9 % light coverage on the work area. This very high homogeneity without ‘dark corners’ allows a multi-layer cultivation.

The plant growth chamber Hettich Benelux PRC 3200 WL offers double growth area of PRC 1700 WL with only small footprint.

Plant growth chamber PRC 1700 WL


Type  Inside
(growth area)
Temperature range Humidity range Inside dimensions
(effective area)

W x H x D in mm
Outside dimensions
W x H x D in mm
PRC 1700 WL 1466 l
(2,4 m² with 3 levels)
+4 to +45 °C
(lights off)
+10 to +45 °C
(lights on)
25 to 90 % r. h.
(lights off)
25 to 80 %  r. h.
(lights on)
1360 x 1670 x 670 2070 x 2030 x 850

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