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Hettich Benelux PRC 1200 SL

Precisely adjustable LED climate chamber Hettich Benelux PRC 1200 SL for growth experiments on Drosophila, fungi and spores

  • LED light installed in both side panels, luminous intensity of 100-125 µmol, dimmable between 10% and 100 %
  • Reproducible results thanks to precisely programmable temperature, humidity and light control via touch-screen
  • No drying of nutrient media because of horizontal airflow combined with very low air velocity
  • Also available without humidity control as LED temperature chamber
  • For breeding Drosophila: stainless steel evaporation system recommended
Further Product Information

The Hettich Benelux PRC 1200 SL LED climate chamber was especially designed for breeding Drosophila. In addition, it is optimally suited for growth experiments on fungi and algae.

The luminous intensity of LEDs that are installed outside the test area in both side panels is between 100 and 125 µmol measured at a 90° angle and a distance of 25 cm. Luminous intensity can be regulated perfectly between 10 % and 100 % by using a dimmer.

The LED climate chamber PRC 1200 SL is equipped with a program controller for independently settable day and night cycles (temperature, humidity, light). This makes it easy to implement all control sequences for state-of-the-art insect research. All heat sources, such as lamps and ballast units, are installed outside the test area to ensure maximum precision.

Option: Light climate chamber Hettich Benelux PRC 1200 WL with illumination from the top.

LED climate chamber PRC 1200 SL


Type  Inside
(growth area)
Temperature range Humidity range Inside dimensions
(effective area)

W x H x D in mm
Outside dimensions
W x H x D in mm
PRC 1200 SL 968 l
(1,7 m² with 3 levels)
+4 to +45 °C
(lights off)
+10 to +45 °C
(lights on)
ambient humidity
to 90 % r. h. depending
on temperature and
light intensity
690 x 1500 x 935 910 x 2050 x 1295

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