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Hettich Benelux LED light system

LED lighting by Hettich Benelux simulates the sunlight spectrum. Optimal climate for plant cultivation

  • 100 % homogeneous light at 5 cm below the light source, 99,9 % light coverage on the work area and no ‘dark corners’
  • High homogeneity at 5 cm allows multi-layer cultivation
  • Minimum heat exposure of LEDs to the plants
  • Life time of LED lights is more than 10.000 hours with stable intensity during the lifetime
  • Light intensity does not diminish as temperature decreases
Further Product Information

Homogeneous light

Modern LED lighting is a standard equipment of any temperature chambers with light, climate chambers with light and plant growth chambers by Hettich Benelux. Installed below the stainless steel platforms, the LEDs assure for a 99.9 % light coverage on the work area without ‘dark corners’. The PRC 1200 SL LED climate chamber is the only model that offers LEDs installed in the side panels. Light modules with 200 µmol, 400 µmol and 1100 µmol are available.

The spectrum of sunlight

Depending of the chamber type, light intensity can be dimmed between 10 % and 100 %, either on each single platform or on all platforms together. The spectrum of the white LEDs simulates a 95 % equivalent to the sunlight on a clear cloudless day.

Low energy consumption – low heat Emission

LEDs have a very low energy consumption. In addition, they emit only a small amount of heat to plants and the test area. This leads to a better and more stable temperature homogeneity in the chambers. Another benefit of the low heat emission: only a low airflow in the cabinets is required to reach the programmed temperature with high temperature stability inside the chamber. A low airflow means less stress on the plants.

Stable light intensity

Compared to TL tubes, LEDs have a longer lifetime with stable light intensity. Light intensity does not diminish as temperature decreases. In comparison, a TL-tube loses 8 µmol per decreasing °C.

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