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ThermoTEC supports largest battery laboratory in Switzerland

ThermoTEC supports the largest battery laboratory in Switzerland with ESPEC temperature chambers of the types ARU-1100 and LU-114. The chambers have been equipped with safety devices in order to fufill the requirements of the daily work in the test field:

The Swiss Battery Technology Center operates the Battery Testing Laboratory together with the BFH Center for Energy Storage in a public-private partnership. The largest battery laboratory in Switzerland for cell and module testing enables start-ups, SMEs or large companies to test their energy storage systems in a complete environment with the help of experts. Together in innovation projects or single runs, the SBTC and the BFH center can test and improve your technologies

For more information click here: https://www.sipbb.ch/en/forschung/swiss-battery-technology-center/infrastruktur-sbtc/